ABSOLUTELY! We created FriendFilter to work on your machine, not on our servers.

Therefore FriendFilter is not a scraper, it is a productivity app that you can use on your computer to read your page post engagement.

In the Facebook terms, they say that you own all your data and rights to your content. So this is your data and FriendFilter gives you a new way to read that data.

Recommendations for account health:

1. Never let anyone else login to your Facebook account!

Facebook will detect unauthorized usage and block your account.

So no virtual assistants or people in other states or countries logging into your account

2. Never use Facebook on two devices at once

Facebook detects different IP addresses logged in

So never use your computer and mobile device at the same time

3. Do not multi-task while FriendFilter is running

Minimizing or switching tabs can make FriendFilter not work properly

4. Always log out of your Facebook account in public areas

And never install FriendFilter on public computers that connect to your account

If you use FriendFilter as instructed, you should not have any problems.

We have 10's of thousands of users on FriendFilter and never an issue that doesn't include one of the items above

Be sure to review the terms of service that you agreed to when signing up: https://friendfilter.io/terms-of-use.html