There are 2 reasons why FriendFilter might not be working for you.

Let's run through some quick troubleshoot steps here quickly:

Reason 1: You have a conflicting Chrome extension

There are many conflicting Chrome extensions

So if you are having an issue running your scans, please disable other extensions

Go to: chrome://extensions/

And toggle off other Chrome extensions

Then run your scans again

Reason 2: You have not installed FriendFilter extension 

FriendFilter is a Chrome extension

You must fully install the extension to use FriendFilter

Do you think you have installed the extension but it is still not working?

Watch this video:

Please go through these 3 steps to save time in troubleshooting before contacting us.

Lastly, Facebook does update their code frequently, so if you still have issues let us know

If Facebook has updated their code for your account, we will program a fix quickly to resolve!

Let us know!