Understand that Facebook does not give FriendFilter access to 100% of the friends on your list.

Deactivated profiles are not detected by FriendFilter because there is no account ID for those accounts.

Also, FriendFilter is a 1-way sync.

So any friends removed from Facebook through other methods (on Facebook.com for example)

Without using FriendFilter will not be detected by FriendFilter

We have programmed the app like this for many reasons, but understand that FriendFilter is a 1-way sync.

Therefore, you will need to remove them from FriendFilter using the UNFRIEND button 

Or if they are already unfriended, click ALREADY REMOVED

We encourage you to continue running your scans and cleaning your friends list to make the data more accurate

*Facebook Bug*
We have found that some users have deleted 100% of their friends on Facebook
And Facebook is still showing friends on their list

But the user cannot see any friends on the list!

Since FriendFilter reads the list, the app cannot see the hidden (ghost) friends that are on the list

This is another reason why FriendFilter numbers will not be identical with Facebook numbers