There are 3 reasons why there might be a timeout error.

Follow these steps below to troubleshoot:

Reason 1. Your Facebook account is still on the old Facebook layout

FriendFilter no longer works with the old Facebook layout

So if your profile image on your profile page is on the left and not in the center

Please update to the new Facebook layout

Reason 2. Connectivity to Facebook

FriendFilter works on your local machine

Meaning, FriendFilter servers never detect your information on your page from our servers

So your internet connectivity is vital to receiving the data from your scans

If your internet connection is slow, or connection drops the app will error

Be sure to have a strong internet connection when running FriendFilter

Also, if your internet connection is strong, Facebook connection to your IP address needs to be strong

If you are having issues connecting to Facebook with a strong connection, just try again later.

Reason 3. Unstable scanning going back too far in your timeline

As the app scrolls back to find previous data, Facebook connection could timeout 

Meaning, Facebook times out the page if you try to scroll back too many posts

Some users post to Facebook multiple times per day, and after X scans Facebook could time out the page

This is outside our control, although we are constantly improving the stability of far-back scanning

If you encounter this issue with scanning back 100's of posts back and then an error occurs

Just change your days to fetch to a smaller number:

Note: Once you scan back old posts, there is no reason to scan those posts again.

FriendFilter already has that data, so it is a best practice to change the scan back days to the smallest number

For example: If you set your scans to 14 days, then just scan every 2 weeks to keep data updated